Do you ever go to the grocery store for one thing but end up leaving with a ton of stuff?  Yeah, seems to happen to me every time I go to the store.  After spending the weekend looking out the window at 3 feet of snow, I had a mild case of cabin fever and needed to escape.  I ended up at Wegmans not really needing anything but still managed to spend $70.

Thanks to that trip to Wegmans I’m now obsessed with Barbara’s Puffins which has been breakfast every day this week with a sliced banana on top.photo (23)Snack:  I couldn’t resist these kiwi’s!! Delicious

photo (25)

Lunch:  Tomato and cheddar quesadilla.  I like this because it’s quick and versatile, leftover chicken?  Throw that in too.  Enjoy with salsa, sour cream or even bbq sauce. photo (26)

Dinner:  My own creation of thai noodles, grilled tofu and veggies drizzled with thai peanut sauce! photo (28)

Perfect snack with my late night tea, graham cracker drizzled with honey and cinnamon. Yum. photo (27)

And that’s WIAW !!



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