Well here is it!
My very first What I Ate Wednesday


As usual I started my day with a bowl of Kashi honey toasted oat cereal
with a sliced banana and cinnamon.

photo (12)

by the time I get to work I am ready for my Chobani
topped with Archer Farms french toasted granola

photo (17)

Lunch. My own take on crock pot vegetable minestrone
along with a grilled cheese sandwich on a deli flat.

photo (13)

photo (15)

For dinner I had my go to oven roasted chicken with potato and green beans.  Who doesn’t love one pan dinners?  This was what it looked like right before I put it in the oven.. check back later this week for what it looked like after it roasted for 45 minutes!

photo (21)

Remember those oatmeal raisin cookies I made with my son last Friday?
Here is my late night chocolate lovers edition!

photo (20)

Accompanied by a large cup of Starbucks calm tea 🙂

photo (19)

What are your favorite late night snacks ?


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