The purpose of this blog

Well, I have a confession to make…I can easily spend $50 a week just on takeout!  Whether it be breakfast, lunch or adds up to about $50 sometimes more.

Today, I spent eight dollars and some change for a sandwich and some french I was picking through the fries trying to find the perfect fry I noticed a piece of hair.  It was not the kind of hair from someones head, or eyebrows or eyelashes…if you know where I am going with this I was so disgusted that I closed the box and vowed to NEVER get food from this particular restaurant again.

Just last week I got a cup of chicken vegetable soup from the sandwich shop down the street.  As I was spooning the soup in my mouth I noticed a rather large, sharp bone.  Once again, I vowed to NEVER get soup from this sandwich shop again.  I realized that I did not even like anything from this place anyway it was just convenient for me to run there on my lunch break and grab a sandwich or some soup for almost $12 add a $3.58 coffee from the morning commute to work and that’s over $15 in one day on takeout food.

So with that said, I have decided that for the amount of money I spend in a single day on coffee and takeout I could make 2 nights of dinner and have leftovers for lunch.  Not to mention with all these restaurants  I am vowing not to eat at my options are dwindling down..quickly!!

With this blog I plan on sharing all of my favorite recipes from the past, present and of course pinterest!

Thanks for reading!!


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